One-on-One Sessions

One on One Sessions – Now taking bookings for 2021/2022!

Available online and in-person depending on location.


Contact me via the contact form below and schedule your free discovery phone call. This will help determine if we are the right fit for each other and help you better understand the services that will be provided to you based on your goals. If suitable, you will be sent an intake form and an agreement form to complete before commencing services.


The first session will usually be an in-depth OT initial assessment. If your goals are unclear, we will focus on clarifying those in this session. It is important I take the time to understand you and your barriers, so I can support you effectively. Questions will be based off the initial intake form and any other information I need to best support your goals. You can also ask me questions. Often there will be a ‘lifework task’ at the end of this session, so that we can get right into actioning your goals.


Sessions are booked and paid for prior to the session. They are usually attended once a fortnight for one hour, although this can vary depending on your goals. Each session is driven by you, what you are struggling with and how you are progressing with your goals. I will support and guide you and provide suggestions when you feel stuck. We will work collaboratively towards your wellbeing. These sessions can be quite engaging with the option for in-person services depending on your location, goals and preferences.


At the end of each session, there will be time to reflect on new learnings and have ‘life work’ to complete prior to the next session. This could be a strategy to implement, an activity or tool that you will be held accountable for in the next session. In these sessions you will learn a lot, but only if you do the work outside of the sessions!


When we are happy with your goal achievements, we will reflect on your journey together, celebrate the wins and acknowledge the changes in yourself. I will send an email outlining your progress so you can open up a conversation with your loved ones regarding what you have been working on. There is no minimum amount of sessions, or package deal. My recommendation for services is always based on your health needs and ongoing reflection of your goals. In my experience, it generally takes 6-12 sessions to see noticeable improvement.


Once our sessions are completed, I understand there are times where 3 or 6 months down the track you may need a one-off session with me due to new life changes. Up to one year I am happy to see you in these instances without need for another assessment. These can be really helpful sessions to brings things back into perspective and help you remember your growth.


Private Full Fee – $180, Reduced Fee $150 for Covid-19 impact

NDIS Fee – $193.99/hour

Please email me if you require a quote on NDIS Assistive Technology Report or NDIS OT Functional Capacity Assessments.

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