Hey there!

My name is Satinder and I help Australians lead healthy lifestyles. I have a client centered approach, meaning I ask what is important to you and support you from there. I understand what is healthy and meaningful is different for everyone.

As a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist, I provide services in many areas of health, wellbeing and disability. If you haven’t heard much about Occupational Therapy, don’t worry. It is a huge field regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. Many of us work in hospitals, private companies, health clinics and out in the community with fellow physiotherapists, speech pathologists, dieticians and psychologists depending on our clients goals.

In my early 20s I found my passion for travel in defiance to societal expectations of me. I experienced rapid growth in my mindset and easily released habits that no longer served me. I realised I had so much potential inside me, that I had been too afraid to express. I became confident, sure of myself. With a strong meditation practise I also became very content with life.

With my new mindset combined with my OT skills, I started to embody a very fulfilling yet peaceful lifestyle. I became super productive without feeling busy all the time. My relationships with family and friends transformed. I was a healthier, more creative version of myself than ever before. Five years later, my growth continued but when I looked around me, I saw people struggling. I realised I wanted to support others to lead their own best lives. I didn’t want to see people quietly struggling with stress, poor mental health or back pain. I wanted people to be happy by seeking the right help early.

While working as an OT in rural NSW, I noticed many clients had preventable conditions, if only they had been detected and worked on earlier. I realised preventative health services were lacking in Australia and this gap was disturbingly being filled with self proclaimed life coaches who were more bound to consumerism than providing genuine health services. One thing led to another, so in 2020 I started to focus my energy to do my part to bridge the gap. This is just the beginning!

Formal stuff

Bachelors of Health Sciences and Masters of Occupational Therapy at Latrobe University, Melbourne.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Social anxiety
  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Sensory and emotional regulation
  • Motor skills, balance, coordination and strength
  • Trauma informed care for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse(CALD) backgrounds
  • Client-centered approach utilizing coaching strategies
  • Overcome overthinking, perfectionism and other habits holding you back