Why spirituality is important in our lives

Nowadays I observe such a difference between older and younger generations when it comes to resilience, living an honest life and gratitude. Becoming selfish has become the new normal. Children as young as 10 are being diagnosed with mental illness from bullying at school. Teenagers constantly worry about what others think rather than enjoying the great outdoors. Young adults struggle with being themselves, constantly placing pressure on things like the perfect body, perfect relationship and perfect lifestyle. In adulthood, unresolved insecurities flow into relationships, workplace and disrupted family life.

In the modern day, people are constantly worry about things out of their control, keeping their minds busy with work, exercise, socialising and a never ending list of things to do and accomplish. Further still, manipulation and exploitation is often seen to go hand in hand with success.

It is for this reason, my third intention of this blog is to spark interest in spirituality for everyone, for the good of humanity.

We all start our journeys in different ways. I know for me, I definitely did not start my spiritual journey just because I woke up thinking ‘this is my life purpose!’ In fact, I started my spiritual journey from more simple reasons like wanting to develop healthier coping strategies for the ups and downs of life. I wanted external situations to have less influence on my internal happiness. It was only as my spiritual practice developed, that I started to resonate more with a deeper spiritual purpose.

So I warmly welcome all of you who have made it to this blog. No post, speaker or therapist will be able to hand you the happiness you seek, but with the right guidance I hope you will be able to find it for yourself. I hope this becomes a place of happiness, growth and inspiration for you. I also hope to connect with like-minded souls on this journey so we can support each other on our journeys.