benefits of spirituality for the therapist

When we think ‘spiritual lifestyle’, the corporate world isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. We are commonly made to feel that these two should be separate – to leave our ‘personal lives’ at home and put on our work persona when we come into the office.

So what if we were to integrate spirituality within work?

Spirituality has helped me in SO many ways within my OT practise that I could have never imagined. Here are a few examples:

  • Good stress management hence increased work productivity
  • Mental clarity for efficient report writing
  • Quiet mind helps to me really listen to clients, rather than placing my own judgement
  • Being present allows good observations
  • Less work stress brought home – ability to ‘switch off’
  • Joyful interactions and authentic relationships with clients
  • Better decision making

Integrating spirituality with work not only helps our OT practise (or whatever your work may be), but also helps us to live in better harmony with ourselves. When we stop pretending to be two different people, we start to feel more authentic and in alignment with our Self. Work starts to become a spiritual practise ground and recharges you rather than leaving you drained and waiting for clock off. Our mental well-being improves and we start to progress more in our spiritual journeys as we get to learn so much, from so many different people.

Trying to constantly separate or hide the two can become very difficult for the spiritual therapist, constantly challenged by two seemingly opposed worlds. It can become draining, feel inauthentic and perhaps even make you feel unsure about the role of spirituality in the greater context, outside of home.

One main intention of this blog is hence to provide easy, digestible information to help therapists integrate spirituality into work, thereby also improve their individual spiritual practises as working professionals.

So whether you are just starting your spiritual journey, curious or already on the spiritual journey, I hope this blog will be able to offer you some helpful insight, guidance or perhaps just support to keep you going. I also really look forward to connecting with like minded colleagues to bring more awareness of spirituality within the therapy world.