Learn the skills you need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life

Transitioning from childhood, adolescence to adulthood has become more difficult than ever. Let’s work together to help you live your best life starting now, not later.

What we do

Work on social skills, play skills, boundaries, assertive communication skills, and overcome unhelpful patterns.

Reach career and study goals. Whether you want to improve your study routine, seek a better work-life balance, job searching or in need of direction, we can help.

Build healthy habits and routines for your fitness, mental and spiritual goals. Improve your fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Improve your concentration, energy levels and ability to complete tasks. Gain confidence to explore and work on yourself inside and out.

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About me

My name is Satinder. I completed my Bachelors of Health Sciences and Masters of Occupational Therapy at Latrobe University, Melbourne. I then moved back to my rural hometown where I provided many OT services in both mental and physical health needs including pediatrics, teenage and young adult transitioning and workplace rehabilitation. I noticed many young people struggling with relationships, study, career, hobbies, identity, self-confidence and technology. The more time I spent with my clients, the more I realised a little help earlier would have completely changed their life quality.

So this is what I offer – accredited and evidence informed Occupational Therapy services. Whether you want to develop healthy coping strategies for stress, build a more meaningful lifestyle or increase your independence with daily activities, I am here to support you.

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Based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.